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Blog-ElizabethIrvine-headerLet’s face it, as much as we all want a healthy and happy lifestyle, the copious amounts of varying information available now can leave us feeling overwhelmed and clueless on where to put our energy. What if I told you the best approach to living a life of healthy wellbeing is always available and actually very simple. However, just like most things, at first it’s not always easy, but once you “get it,” innate wisdom is just waiting to come forward.

I am passionate about how to bring our bodies into healthy balance. Believe me, I was not always this way. Through my son’s illness, I was pushed into a healthier lifestyle. I began to understand the true nature, the depths of my body’s ability to perform, when allowed to do what it is capable of. Soon I saw gradual healthy shifts and became excited to share this information with others. Everyone has the capability— it’s just about opening up to it.

Blog-ElizabethIrvine-titleYears ago, my children and I played a game whenever we saw a FedEx delivery truck.

On the side of the truck, embedded in the letters “FedEx,” there is an arrow incorporated into the logo.You have to look at the words in a different way—soften your gaze and see past the letters to find the arrow resting inside. My kids could always spot it right away, laughing their heads off, “Aw come on, Mom—you can’t see it?!” as the truck sped away before I could find it. And then one day, sitting in a long line of going-nowhere traffic, a FedEx truck pulled up next to me. Having nothing else to claim my attention, I relaxed looking into those letters and the arrows somehow emerged clear as day. Now that I know how to look at those letters, I see the arrow right away; it just took that first time to “get it.”

Our health and happiness are the very same with children probably more aware of their innate healing ability than we are. It’s just like stepping back and seeing our body and its relationship to ourselves, to others, and our world, with gentle eyes—allowing our true self, our truewellbeing, more energy, clarity, strength, and joy to come forward. It is always there, just not always seen: our body’s own ability to self-heal, to stay in balance, and create health and happiness from the inside out.

Blog-ElizabethIrvine-title2Let’s try it now.

Bring your awareness to your breath and notice your inhalation and your exhalation. Take in a few slow deep breaths and release them back out as you allow your rib cage to expand, allowing your breath to gently soothe and nurture your body.

How does this make you feel? This is experiencing the present moment. In this sacred space you have just created for yourself, you will experience your ability to self-heal and create healthy wellbeing anytime you choose.

Remember to come back to this quiet space. 

It may seem too easy, but taking the time to simply breathe in and out, becomes the first step to finding your truewellbeing.

Elizabeth Irvine is an educator, award-winning author, and jewelry creator. Elizabeth’s philosophy and teachings are based on twenty-five years’ experience as a health care professional and through her yogic style of living. During this time, she gained a reflective insight into what truewellbeing really means. 

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VIP Access to NYFW with Elaine!


Fashionistas from far and wide flock to the streets of New York twice a year for an epic week of all things fashion. In a flurry of fur coats and impossibly high heels, uber-stylish showgoers gather at Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As designers showcase their fall 2015 collections, the fashion community buzzes about blogger street style, new models to the runway scene, and of course, the season’s forecasted trends. “Animal print, haircalf, and fur were amongst the major standouts at fashion week. We’ve incorporated a striped cheetah print into our fall 2015 collection as a fresh take on a timeliness trend.”


Elaine had the honor of attending Tadashi Shoji’s show and fell in love with the intricate designs for fall 2015. Watch Tadashi’s entire runway show here.


With a store on the upper east side, Elaine kicked off fashion week with true southern hospitality. Hosting not one but two events at her Madison Avenue store, Elaine showcased her spring line while keeping the company’s giving spirit at the forefront with proceeds from the event donated to TUSK. “Hosting spring previews and intimate charity parties at my Madison Ave. store gives me the opportunity to meet new faces and welcome longtime supporters from around the country.”


After all the fashion shows, meetings, events, and parties the feeling that lingers is one of anticipation for all of the fringe, fur, and booties that fall 2015 will surely bring!

Behind The Scenes: Spring 2015


The Elaine Turner spring collection takes you on a journey through Marfa, Sedona, Calistoga, and Sanibel Island. Selecting a location that embodies each destination is always a challenge, as each location is so very different. Our creative team found the perfect venue for our photo shoot in Agave Estates, which easily captures the essence of each location and complements the collection. Go behind the scenes with the Elaine Turner team to get a sneak peek of what it takes to style, shoot, and design a successful campaign.


Don’t let the warm hues and summery images fool you, it was 30 degrees outside! Our incredible Page Parkes model was such a trooper and we did our best to keep her warm between shots with hot coffee and a giant wool blanket. ​We even had the Elaine’s Big Lifefilm crew shooting video footage at the same time, which added another layer of creative energy to the process.


From the rustic scenery of Marfa, Texas to the lush palms of Sanibel Island, each location’s collection is carefully styled and shot with intention. Despite the cold weather and the challenge of shooting multiple destinations in one location, the creative team was able to capture vivid imagery and the lively spirit of each collection. We can’t wait to share the new spring collection with you!


Super Bowl – Super Chic


Gearing up for Super Bowl XLIX? Whether a die-hard fan or casual spectator, Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse to gather with friends and family for good food and drinks to watch two teams battle it out for that championship ring.


Hosting the game day festivities? Try a grownup version of an Arnold Palmer. This simple drink recipe is sure to score BIG at your super bowl event.

Tipsy Arnold

Combine vodka, lemonade, and ice in a martini shaker. Shake vigorously to combine, and then pour into mason jars. Garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy!


Hosting the big game should be casual, effortless, and even easy! You’re just as anxious to enjoy the game, which means a self-serve setup is the way to go. Pre-mix a big batch of your game day cocktail and have it ready for refills. Set your table with grab-and-go snacks so the focus is on the game instead of plating a fancy meal. But just in case the cheering gets out of hand, be sure to have extra napkins… er, “Penalty Flags” on hand.


So come Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll be relaxed, sipping on a Tipsy Arnold (or two!), and enjoying the big game! May the best team win!

Perfectly Imperfect


The new year is officially in full swing, which means the pressure to change and resolve to be better is everywhere you turn. From the lingering emails about your abandoned gym membership to the nagging credit card bills from the holidays, we tend to spend the month of January overwhelmed and desperately trying to keep up with the ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions that somehow already seem impossible to maintain.

But what if this year we tried something different? What if we only made one New Year’s resolution? A resolution to be perfectly imperfect this year. The most common theme for New Year’s resolutions is to engage in more acts of self-improvement, but what if instead we decided to make a promise to oneself to simply accept ourselves for who we are, exactly as we are, in this very moment, to find solitude in allowing ourselves to make mistakes, and to get back in a conscious rhythm of self-care and nurturing. And when life gets in the way and we find ourselves off track, not to beat ourselves up, but rather, have the courage to take a step back, refocus, and remember that it’s impossible to care for others when you’ve neglected yourself.

As 2014 came to a close, I realized that I’d lost touch with myself due to an overloaded holiday schedule combined with some big life changes, like buying a new house. Life is constantly testing and challenging us, and now more than ever as my daughter is facing some medical issues, I realize that without my reserves, I am less capable of handling what life throws me. Before now, I had a very “all or nothing” mentality about self-care. After missing four months of yoga and finding that I really hadn’t done anything for myself in some time, the result was a less patient, more quick-tempered version of myself. This self-realization helped serve as a great reminder that to be the best mother, wife, business owner, and woman that I can be, it’s critical to find time to refill my reserves and allow some magic back in.

Being “perfectly imperfect” isn’t about giving yourself permission to let go and abandon the desire to better yourself. The challenge is actually to nurture yourself daily in a way that fills your soul and allows you to be the best version of yourself. For some, it may be reading a chapter a day, and for others, as simple as a walk with the dog after work. It’s all about finding your own personal solitude and individual way to replenish and recharge.  

So here’s to 2015! Let’s enjoy the imperfect ride together…

XOXO, Elaine

Resort 2015 Collection


The Resort 2015 collection is inspired by the humble bohemia that is Marfa, Texas. We find beauty in simple shapes and a neutral palette as soft washed textiles envelop relaxed silhouettes.

image1Drawing inspiration from the beauty of simple living, the resort collection urges us to focus in on the warmth of the present moment. Allow yourself to embrace the wonder of human connection and find complexity in the simplest of things.


As 2014 comes to a close, we are conscious of the past while looking forward to a new year with endless possibilities. Find acceptance within yourself, embrace the present moment, and pursue positive intentions.